Sarmad Sangi

Developer | Designer

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Raised in Karachi, started off my journey into tech world back when i got my first computer in 8th grade. Since then i have built websites in secondary school, did some 3d modeling/animation in high school and then ended up doing computer science from RMIT.

For last 5 years i have gone from working with Big Data company (Experian Hitwise) to Startups (, RedMart, where by i have gained extensive hands on technical experience of building, scaling and managing data/web/mobile applications.

In my spare time i am always working on my side projects (, and keeping myself updated with the various new technologies out there. Apart from that i run a very tiny Facebook group of JS developers (Pakistan.js) and do talks (Speaker deck, Slides) in community too.

Current Interests/Goals

Making mobile web pull off native app like experience.


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